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Elder Sandra K. Bouie Haynes was born on September 23, to George W. Morse and Edna Mae Bouie. Birthed on a stormy night with torrential rains, Sandra was a tiny little lamb with the roar of the “Lion of Judah.” She came on the scene screaming and yelling at the top of her little lungs with a powerful voice. Little did her mother know that she had just given birth to a screaming powerful Preacher. That stormy night, left her mother in need of a midwife to deliver her baby girl, but under such sudden stormy conditions there were none available. Someone had suggested to her mom to leave her newborn baby girl in a ditch. A doctor and his wife wanted to adopt her. Many did not know how to handle this precious jewel simply named Sandra.

Pastor Sandra Haynes has come a long way from almost being left in a pit to die. She was ordained by Overseer Carrie Buie Bryant, pastor of the “True Holiness Deliverance Tabernacle” in Sanford, Florida, where she also served as an Evangelist. Her calling was launched to another level by God, as she began to intercede in Prayer for conferences and events for Pastor Jonathan L. McKnight, Bishop T.D Jakes, Bishop Noel Jones, Sunday’s Best Le’Andria Johnson, and Gospel recording artist Vickie Winans. Her ministry later came under the covering of Pastor Jonathan L. McKnight. Recognizing that she is a Intercessory Prayer Warrior for the Body of Christ, Trinity Broadcasting Network ‘s Co-founder Jan Crouch called on her to participate in the 2008 National Day of Prayer, and then later called upon her to be a part of her Intercessory Prayer Team . Reverend Merrie Turner endowed her with the privilege of providing hospitality to ambassadors from around the country, during the 2013 Presidential Inauguration
Breakfast in honor of President Barack Obama. Many souls have been touched through her teachings and anointed ministry. She has, also, been involved in Street Ministry, Counseling, Seminars, Radio Ministry and effective Bible Studies. She has faithfully served with a glad heart, as the Pastor of “Words of Life Ministries Tabernacle Inc.,” for twelve years.

“Many are called, but few are chosen”, such as Pastor Sandra Haynes. She is definitely chosen to lead, with a true shepherd’s heart. She has the genuine agape love of the Holy Spirit, the compassion of Christ, and the leadership of the Father in her DNA.

She delivers explosive words of wisdom in a continual way. Her sermons change lives forever as Gods word never returns void. Today she continues to grow in God’s Grace making an impact not only locally, but she is called prophetically to be God’s mouth piece on the earth to the nations around the world.

She is the Queenly wife of Elder Charles W. Haynes, Co-Pastor of Words of Life Ministries Tabernacle Inc. She is the mother of 4 beautiful talented children; Carlos, Tabitha, Ezra, and Joshua and the grandmother of Taylor and Bella. One of her most memorable quotes is, “I cannot take you to heaven, but I can point you in the direction of the cross!”


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